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    LICENSE: Add LibreJS Meta to included JavaScript · 7eed01ce
    Mark Stenglein authored
    This patch adds all of the needed information to have all of the
    JavaScript in the project be easily identifiable as free software by
    both computer tools as well as humans. This is done by the following:
    - Original sources are added and linked for all minified libraries.
    - A data tag is added to the "About" link in the navbar menu which
    alerts tools such as LibreJS to look on that page for the table of
    includes mapped to their respective licenses.
    - A table is added to the "About" page which includes links to each
    included file, links to their respective licenses, and then a link to a
    decompressed version of each.
    Signed-off-by: Mark Stenglein's avatarMark Stenglein <mark@stengle.in>
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