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Add in py3 compat packages

- yeee
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...@@ -8,12 +8,11 @@ git+ ...@@ -8,12 +8,11 @@ git+
gunicorn==19.6.0 gunicorn==19.6.0
hashids==1.1.0 hashids==1.1.0
mccabe==0.5.2 mccabe==0.5.2
MySQL-python==1.2.5 mysqlclient
pep8==1.7.0 pep8==1.7.0
Pillow==3.3.0 Pillow==3.3.0
pyflakes==1.2.3 pyflakes==1.2.3
python-ldap==2.4.27 pyldap
requests==2.11.0 requests==2.11.0
simplejson==3.8.2 simplejson==3.8.2
wheel==0.29.0 wheel==0.29.0
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