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_blank those qr codes up

- it's annoying when I click on something and it doesn't go in a tab
  when it should grr
parent 7889ce51
...@@ -85,9 +85,9 @@ ...@@ -85,9 +85,9 @@
{% with the_url|add:"?qr" as qr_url %} {% with the_url|add:"?qr" as qr_url %}
<pre> <pre>
<strong>QR Downloads:</strong> <strong>QR Downloads:</strong>
<a href="{{ qr_url }}">Small (156x156)</a> <a href="{{ qr_url }}" target="_blank">Small (156x156)</a>
<a href="{{ qr_url }}">Medium (322x322)</a> <a href="{{ qr_url }}" target="_blank">Medium (322x322)</a>
<a href="{{ qr_url }}">Large (522x522)</a> <a href="{{ qr_url }}" target="_blank">Large (522x522)</a>
</pre> </pre>
{% endwith %} {% endwith %}
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