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# Go
[![build status](]( [![coverage report](]( [![python version](]() [![Django version](]() [![SemVer version]( Version-2.1.1-yellowgreen.svg)]()
[![build status](]( [![coverage report](]( [![python version](,3.6-blue.svg)]() [![Django version](]() [![SemVer version]( Version-2.1.1-yellowgreen.svg)]()
#### A project of [GMU SRCT](
......@@ -8,7 +8,8 @@ Go is a drop-in URL shortening service. This project aims to provide an easy to
URL branding service for institutions that wish to widely disseminate information
without unnecessarily outsourcing branding.
Go is currently a `Python 2.7` project written in the `Django` web framework, with
Go is currently a `Python 3` (with backwards compatability foor `Python 2.7` until
Django 2.0 in December 2017) project written in the `Django` web framework, with
`MySQL` as our backend database.
# Setup instructions for local development
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