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you install python and git.
**macOS (Formerly OS X)**
Open terminal and run the following command:
This tutorial uses the third party Homebrew package manager for macOS, which allows you to install packages from your terminal just as easily as you could on a Linux based system. You could use another package manager (or not use one at all), but Homebrew is highly reccomended.
If you have Homebrew installed skip the following command
To get homebrew, run the following command in a terminal: `/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL`
`/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"`
**Note**: You do NOT need to use `sudo` when running any Homebrew commands, and it likely won't work if you do.
This installs Homebrew on your Mac
Next, to make sure Homebrew is up to date, run `brew update`
Next run the command:
`brew update`
This updates Homebrew
Next we install python and git with:
`brew install python git`
Finally we can install python and git with `brew install python git`
### Cloning the Go Codebase
Now, we're going to clone down a copy of the Go codebase from [](, the SRCT code respository.
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