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branded service for institutions that wish to widely disseminate
information without unnecessarily outsourcing branding.
I encourage you to join the #go channel in SRCT's [Slack Group]( if you have any questions on setup or would like to contribute.
## Package Installation
### Prerequisities
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### Required Packages
Finally, install these packages from the standard repositories:
- VirtualBox ??
- Vagrant ++
- Ansible ++
- VirtualBox
`$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox`
- Vagrant
`$ sudo apt-get install vagrant`
- Ansible
`$ sudo easy_install pip && sudo pip install ansible`
## Developing with Vagrant
### Initial Setup
Vagrant allows for the virtualization of your development enviornment and automates the setup process for Go.
### Vagrant Setup
Navigate to go/ and run:
`$ vagrant up`
This will setup a vm to run Go on your computer and will setup a database, install packages, etc. The first time you run `vagrant up` it may take a few minutes to setup, specifically when installing Go packages. Don't worry as progressive times it will speed up.
And that's it! Navigate to [localhost]( in your web browser to view the website.
### Additional Notes
If you make any changes to _models.py_ you will need to re-provision the vm:
`$ vagrant provision`
Please note that this will refresh the database.
It is also good practice to suspend your vm when you are done:
`$ vagrant suspend`
and to restart with:
`$ vagrant resume`
## On Deployemnt
### Deploying with Vagrant
### Cron
In order to expire links, you need to set up a cron job to run the
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