Commit 99b42130 authored by Chris Reffett's avatar Chris Reffett
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Fix user moderation to work with checkboxes and stuff

parent 9d3e0870
......@@ -292,13 +292,16 @@ def useradmin(request):
to approve links
if request.POST:
userlist = request.POST.getlist('username')
if '_approve' in request.POST:
toapprove = RegisteredUser.objects.get(username=request.POST['username'])
toapprove.approved = True
for name in userlist:
toapprove = RegisteredUser.objects.get(username=name)
toapprove.approved = True
elif '_deny' in request.POST:
todeny = RegisteredUser.objects.get(username=request.POST['username'])
for name in userlist:
todeny = RegisteredUser.objects.get(username=name)
need_approval = RegisteredUser.objects.filter(approved=False)
return render(request, 'useradmin.html',{
'need_approval': need_approval
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