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Finish first pass of test_models

- everything has at least one test now
- 504 lines later
- tests are of pretty ok quality, can be fairly sure models is tested to
it's extent now
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...@@ -489,3 +489,15 @@ class URLTest(TestCase): ...@@ -489,3 +489,15 @@ class URLTest(TestCase):
self.assertEqual(expected, actual) self.assertEqual(expected, actual)
# generate_valid_short ----------------------------------------------------- # generate_valid_short -----------------------------------------------------
def test_generate_valid_short(self):
Test that we can generate a short url at will
# Get the URL to test
get_user = User.objects.get(username='dhaynes')
get_registered_user = RegisteredUser.objects.get(user=get_user)
current_url = URL.objects.get(owner=get_registered_user)
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