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2.1 release

- CHANGELOG updates for 2.1
- about.html updated

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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
This project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
## [2.1.0] - 2016-12-16
### Added
- Coverage calculation now runs on each CI build/test
- gitlab-ci will now run unit tests with the Django unit testing DB
- macOS instructions in the README
- Copy URL button
- delete modal for URLs
- HTTPS resources
- Docker and docker-compose added for local development
- ban users on /useradmin page
- banned.html
- mobile chrome tab colors
### Changed
- QR Code sizes are now increased
- Commented _all_ the things
- go links now open in new tab when clicked
- log INFO to stdout
- CAS test server moved to much faster system
### Fixed
- Peoplefinder suppport for freshmen
- &bull present on all page headers
- Default Custom Date now actually updates every day
- code duplication (thanks @yoda)
- /bin/sh -> /bin/bash
- allow hyphens in short URLs
- vagrant apt now updates cache before installing new packages
### Removed
- Piwik
## [2.0.1] - 2016-08-14
### Added
- Django 1.10 support
......@@ -82,10 +82,22 @@ SRCT Go • About
This project was made possible through the collective contributions of multiple Mason SRCT members.
<a href="">Go 2.1</a>:
<br />
<a href="">David Haynes</a>,
<a href="">Zach Osman</a>,
<a href="">Robert Hitt</a>,
<a href="">Nicholas Anderson</a>,
<a href="">Zach Knox</a>,
<a href="">Michael Bailey</a>,
<a href="">Mattias Duffy</a>,
<a href="">Eyad Hasan</a>,
and <a href="">Danny Kim</a>.
<a href="">Go 2.0</a>:
<br />
<a href="">David Haynes</a>,
<a href="">Matthew Rodgers</a>,
<a href="">Matthew Rodgers</a>,
<a href="">Nicholas Anderson</a>
and <a href="">Daniel Bond</a>.
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