Commit b7df8350 authored by David Haynes's avatar David Haynes 🙆
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Move anti-hax logic to forms

- also pass 'request' to forms since by default that cannot be accessed
- reformatting a bit for better reading
parent 6ef58d70
......@@ -225,20 +225,22 @@ def signup(request):
signup_form = SignupForm(initial={'username': request.user.username})
signup_form = SignupForm(request, initial={'username': request.user.username})
# Non-staff have the username field read-only and pre-filled
if request.user.is_staff:
signup_form = SignupForm()
signup_form = SignupForm(request)
signup_form = SignupForm(initial={'username': request.user.username, 'full_name': request.user.first_name + " " + request.user.last_name})
signup_form = SignupForm(request,
initial={'username': request.user.username, 'full_name': request.user.first_name + " " + request.user.last_name})
signup_form.fields['username'].widget.attrs['readonly'] = 'readonly'
if request.method == 'POST':
signup_form = SignupForm(request.POST, initial={'approved': False,
'username': request.user.username})
signup_form = SignupForm(request, request.POST,
initial={'approved': False, 'username': request.user.username})
signup_form.fields['username'].widget.attrs['readonly'] = 'readonly'
if signup_form.is_valid():
# Prevent hax: if not staff, force the username back to the request username.
if not request.user.is_staff:
username = request.user.username
......@@ -248,10 +250,11 @@ def signup(request):
# Only send mail if we've defined the mailserver
if settings.EMAIL_HOST and settings.EMAIL_PORT:
send_mail('Signup from %s' % (username), '%s signed up at %s\n'
# TODO rewrite see #14
send_mail('Signup from %s' % (request.user.username), '%s signed up at %s\n'
'Username: %s\nMessage: %s\nPlease attend to this request at '
'your earliest convenience.' % (str(full_name),
str(, str(username), str(description)),
str(, str(request.user.username), str(description)),
settings.EMAIL_FROM, [settings.EMAIL_TO])
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