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I emptied the readme file for important reasons.

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# Go (URL Shortener)
A project of [GMU SRCT](
Go is a drop-in URL shortening service. It aims to provide an easily
branded service for institutions that wish to widely disseminate
information without unnecessarily outsourcing branding.
## To D0
* qr codes on links view-- need to save the pictures somewhere, render inline as well as in different formats and sizes for download, and be deleted along with the links
## Configuration
The settings file should already be configured acceptably. You may need to
add a different authentication backend or database engine.
### nginx / Apache
You must configure an outside web server to properly host the static file
required to run this Django app.
### Python
To install the required Python modules, simply execute
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
and you should be good to go.
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