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Turn on the edit button

- Remove the year old prompt to encourage people to fix the issue
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......@@ -95,17 +95,17 @@
<strong>Expires:</strong> {{url.expires|default_if_none:"Never"}}
<!-- Delete Button -->
<a class="button btn btn-danger btn-sm fa" data-target="#deletionModal-{{url.short}}" data-toggle="modal">
<i class="fa fa-trash-o fa-lg"></i> Delete
<!-- edit button -->
<a tabindex="0" class="button btn btn-info btn-sm fa" role="button" data-toggle="popover" title="Not Implemented Quite Yet :(" data-content="We are working on adding this feature in a future
release of Go. If you'd like to check that progress or potentially
contribute code, head to git.gmu.edu/srct/go">
<i class="fa fa-cog"></i> Edit
<!-- Edit Button -->
<a href="{{domain}}edit/{{url.short}}" class="button btn btn-info btn-sm fa">
<i class="fa fa-cog fa-lg"></i> Edit
<!--Define Delete Modal-->
<div id="deletionModal-{{url.short}}" class="modal fade" role="dialog" tabindex="-1">
<div class="modal-dialog">
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