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### `go_ahead`
`go_ahead` is the ReactJS frontend of the project. It is built with the React
JavaScript framework to allow for rapid development and experimentation. There
is also a lot of interactivty that the framework allows that we can leverage
for a smooth user experience.
## Getting started with contributing
There's a workflow involved with getting started contributing but once you do
it once or twice it'll seem a lot less daunting.
1. React / Webpack
1. Running `go_ahead` | React / Webpack
You'll need node installed.
npm install -g yarn
yarn dev
2. Docker
This starts a foreground process that will rebuild the React site whenever
there is a change.
2. Running `go_back` | Docker
You'll need Docker and docker-compose installed.
In another terminal tab from the `yarn` one:
In another terminal tab:
docker-compose up
3. Actually coding
3. Misc. | Actually coding
All JS changes will require a refresh (Webpack rebuilds the app in the background).
All Python changes will require a refresh.
To pull in python dependecies and work in a contained environment we use `pipenv`.
pipenv install
pipenv shell
4. Deployment of changes
4) Deployment of changes
See me.
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