Commit cec860bd authored by Michel Rouly's avatar Michel Rouly
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Merge pull request #1 from creffett/piwik

Don't die if we haven't defined PIWIK_{URL,SITE_ID} or can't contact the piwik server
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...@@ -225,9 +225,15 @@ def redirection(request, short): ...@@ -225,9 +225,15 @@ def redirection(request, short):
from piwikapi.tracking import PiwikTracker from piwikapi.tracking import PiwikTracker
from django.conf import settings from django.conf import settings
piwiktracker = PiwikTracker(settings.PIWIK_SITE_ID, request) # First, if PIWIK variables are undefined, don't try to push
piwiktracker.set_api_url(settings.PIWIK_URL) if settings.PIWIK_SITE_ID is not "" and settings.PIWIK_URL is not "":
piwiktracker.do_track_page_view('Redirect to %s' % try:
piwiktracker = PiwikTracker(settings.PIWIK_SITE_ID, request)
piwiktracker.do_track_page_view('Redirect to %s' %
# Second, if we do get an error, don't let that keep us from redirecting
return redirect( ) return redirect( )
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