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Add documentation on how to run unit testing (Closes #43)

- docker currently not supported for running unit testing /shrug
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......@@ -177,6 +177,39 @@ https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/wikis/manual-setup
# Some words about contributing to Go.
## Testing
You are _very strongly_ encouraged to write test cases where applicible for
code that you contribute to the repo. This is not a rule at the moment but rather
a strong suggestion. It's good practice for corporate land and will also ensure
your code works. Additionally, there are quite a few example ones to look at in
the repo and on Google.
### Running Unit Tests
Unit tests are run on every commit sent to gitlab though that can be a pain to
rely on. Here's how to run them locally:
#### Docker
Docker is not supported currently for running unit tests. If you're able to get
it set up, open a merge request and I'll merge it in.
#### Vagrant
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant
source venv/bin/activate
cd go
python manage.py test
#### Manual Setup
Assuming you are within your virtualenv:
python manage.py test
This document goes into detail about how to contribute to the repo, plus some
......@@ -198,6 +231,7 @@ Once in the admin page go to "registered users", and create a new registered use
use the same username and Full Name as your main account and select "approved" in the bottom row.
## Coding style
You should adhere to the style of the repo code. Consistancy is key! PEP8 guidelines
are strongly reccomended but not enforced at the time. Please comment your code,
I will not accept commits that contain uncommented code.
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