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Added a file description to useradmin.js

Its an attempt to make #go more freindly to people who dont know django and #go as a project
parent 24c66dbd
//Zosman- This file was created in an effort to make /useradmin more usable.
//At the time this was created we had no searching feature of the users and it became somewhat hard to actually manage users
//This file has three js functions, one for each table in /useradmin , the functions allow a user to search through the table
function filterApplied() {
var input, filter, table, tr, td, i;
input = document.getElementById("appliedInput"); // the var that holdes input from text box

    I'd take a look here for a more standard way of adding a file description. Also watch out for the super wide margin. Not sure about @dhaynes3 's style guide for js but you typically try to keep it to 80 chars.

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