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......@@ -345,15 +345,19 @@ def redirection(request, short):
# Get the current domain info
domain = "%s://%s" % (request.scheme, request.META.get('HTTP_HOST')) + "/"
# Get the URL object that relates to the requested Go link
url = get_object_or_404(URL, short__iexact=short)
# Increment our clicks by one
url.clicks += 1
# Get the URL short link
doesExist = URL.objects.get(short__iexact=short)
# Checks to see if the link exists, if not we 404 the user.
if is None:
return redirect('go/404.html')
# If the user is trying to make a Go link to itself, we 404 them
if == domain + short:
return redirect('admin/404.html')
return redirect('go/404.html')
# If the user is coming from a QR request then increment qrclicks
if 'qr' in request.GET:
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