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- current python and Django versions
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# Go
[![build status](https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/badges/master/build.svg)](https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/commits/2.2-dev) [![coverage report](https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/badges/2.2-dev/coverage.svg)](https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/commits/2.2-dev)
[![build status](https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/badges/master/build.svg)](https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/commits/master)
[![coverage report](https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/badges/master/coverage.svg)](https://git.gmu.edu/srct/go/commits/master)
![python version](https://img.shields.io/badge/python-2.7-blue.svg)
![Django version](https://img.shields.io/badge/Django-1.10-brightgreen.svg)
#### A project of [GMU SRCT](http://srct.gmu.edu).
......@@ -13,8 +16,6 @@ Go is currently a `Python 2.7` project written in the `Django` web framework, wi
# Setup instructions for local development
Go currently supports developers on Linux, macOS and Windows platforms through
both the Docker and Vagrant virtualization platforms. You may use either one
though we have included instructions for manual setup as well. Here's our walk-through
......@@ -63,8 +64,12 @@ Next, to make sure Homebrew is up to date, run:
Finally we can install git with `brew install git`
### On Windows
Instruction on how to setup git on Windows goes here.
## 2) Clone the Go codebase.
Now, we're going to clone down a copy of the Go codebase from [git.gmu.edu](http://git.gmu.edu/srct/go),
the SRCT code respository.
......@@ -90,7 +95,6 @@ Now, on your computer, navigate to the directory in which you want to download t
# On Contributing
I encourage you to join the [#go channel](https://srct.slack.com/messages/go/details/) in SRCT's [Slack Group](https://srct.slack.com)
if you have any questions on setup or would like to contribute.
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