Commit ee7c67c9 authored by Jean Michel Rouly's avatar Jean Michel Rouly
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Moved short input validation into the form class

parent c8158785
......@@ -32,23 +32,49 @@ class URLForm( forms.ModelForm ):
'Only letters are allowed.'
def unique_short( value ):
except URL.DoesNotExist:
raise ValidationError('Short url already exists.')
# Custom short-url field with validators.
short = forms.CharField(
required = False,
label = 'Short URL (Optional)',
widget = forms.TextInput(attrs={}),
validators = [alphanumeric,unique_short],
validators = [alphanumeric],
max_length = 20,
min_length = 3,
def clean(self):
Override the default clean method to check if the entered short
exists, or if none is entered, to generate a new one.
cleaned_data = super(URLForm, self).clean()
short = cleaned_data.get('short').strip()
# If the user has entered a value for short, then verify that it's
# unique.
if len(short) > 0:
except URL.DoesNotExist:
return cleaned_data
raise ValidationError('Short URL already exists.')
# If the user did not enter a value for short, then attempt to
# generate a ranomd url. If a random URL cannot be generated in 100
# attempts, raise an error.
short = URL.generate_valid_short()
if short is None:
raise ValidationError('Unable to generate identifier. Try again.')
# Set the new, randomly generated short value
cleaned_data['short'] = short
return cleaned_data
# This should never happen.
raise ValidationError('Server error. Try again.')
class Meta:
model = URL
fields = ('target',)
......@@ -87,13 +87,9 @@ def index(request):
url.owner = request.user
# If the user entered a short url, it's already been validated,
# so accept it. If they did not, however, then generate a
# random one and use that instead.
# so accept it.
short = url_form.cleaned_data.get('short').strip()
if len(short) > 0:
url.short = short
url.short = URL.generate_valid_short()
# Grab the expiration field value. It's currently an unsable
# string value, so we need to parse it into a datetime object
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