1. 27 Mar, 2017 2 commits
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      Finish first pass on index tests · b412052b
      David Haynes authored
      - To be honest I'm pretty dissapointed by the support for integration
      test for views
      - There are some things you can do with like RequestFactory but I have
      not found a way to test the way we handle Users that works well
      - For now, just ping that the page renders -- maybe in the future work
      on improving test_views
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      Update some old comments to be more "percise" · 5a8aa75b
      David Haynes authored
      - This auto add closing "" plugin for vim is amazing
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  11. 23 Feb, 2017 2 commits
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      Add actual six import · 328ec7c2
      Michael Bailey authored
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      Added logic which will (I think) prohibit links that lead to infinite loops or... · ff6a42e4
      Grady Moran authored
      Added logic which will (I think) prohibit links that lead to infinite loops or otherwise cause urllib.request.urlopen to throw an error.
      Note this is a slight change from the original specs. Instead of prohibiting links which link to go at any stage of redirection (e.g. consider a go link to a bit.ly link to another go link to the final page), we prohibit links which loop infinitely (regardless of whether it's through go or not) AND links which have go at the first or last redirect stage.
      The urllib.request.urlopen is potentially a costly operation. In particular, if the user enters a link that times out, I think it will hang for that entire period of time. Since we now have rate limiting and have always had to manually approve users in the first place, I think the risk of this inefficiency being exploited isn't prohibitively high.
      Not final; I intend to fix up the comments, make the import look like it belongs there, and get feedback on how the error should be handled.
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