[2.1.0] - 2016-12-16


  • Coverage calculation now runs on each CI build/test
  • gitlab-ci will now run unit tests with the Django unit testing DB
  • macOS instructions in the README
  • Copy URL button
  • delete modal for URLs
  • HTTPS resources
  • Docker and docker-compose added for local development
  • ban users on /useradmin page
  • banned.html
  • mobile chrome tab colors


  • QR Code sizes are now increased
  • Commented all the things
  • go links now open in new tab when clicked
  • log INFO to stdout
  • CAS test server moved to much faster system


  • Peoplefinder suppport for freshmen
  • &bull present on all page headers
  • Default Custom Date now actually updates every day
  • code duplication (thanks @yoda)
  • /bin/sh -> /bin/bash
  • allow hyphens in short URLs
  • vagrant apt now updates cache before installing new packages


  • Piwik