1. 21 Feb, 2017 3 commits
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      Added RFC definitions as comments to tests · 6499338c
      Mark Stenglein authored
      - To help out folks like @zosman who might want to contribute,
        I've gone ahead and pulled out the definitions for tested
        components and put their ABNF definitions along with its page
        number from the RFC document.
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      Adds a bunch more blank tests 💯 · 972275e0
      Mark Stenglein authored
      - I moved some of the methods out of util and into Parameter for
        the moment so that I can figure out what the problem is that is
        causing the Parameter to not construct properly.
        - I added a fake stub method in ContentLine which just returns
        true all the time for now just so that the test cases will still
        compile properly.
      - At this point all of the tests need to be written so that I can
        isolate the issue and hopefully fix it. Getting close to being
        able to actually implement iCal features! 🎉
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      Add fully sketched out Parameter spec file · fb23ce5e
      Mark Stenglein authored
      - The vast majority of these tests still need to be written.
        - But hey, they're there! 😛