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Mason Today Web is a shitty version of the Mason Today project. It will be the conglomeration of 2 horrible programmings trying their damnedest to write functioning code.

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Currently, the parscript's data is hosted at ``

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Please refer to the requirements.txt for information on what packages to install to properly run the program.

We make soup. A lot of it.
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This is currently licensed under the "wut" license. Plznosteal
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Step 1 - xml parsing to create a massive dictionary of objects  
Step 2 - figure out how create an implement tag system  
Step 3 - Create a web page that list out all the events and change what are present and what aren't based on tag system  
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# Setup instructions for local development

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1) Create a `virtualenv` if you know what that is  
2) Install the project's dependencies by running `pip install -r requirements.txt`  
3) Start the Flask development server by running `./`  
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# Documentation for the packages we use
* Schedule
* redis-py