Commit 1799269c authored by Landon DeCoito's avatar Landon DeCoito
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fixed getconnected to return A DICTIONARY BOI

parent c4ee1e7c
...@@ -138,8 +138,8 @@ def load_getconn_data(): ...@@ -138,8 +138,8 @@ def load_getconn_data():
else: else:
dictlist.append({"id": uniqueid, "error": str(e)}) dictlist.append({"id": uniqueid, "error": str(e)})
else: else:
dictlist.append("error": "issue in initialization of event.\ dictlist.append({"error": "issue in initialization of event.\
check lines 40-56 in") check lines 40-56 in"})
return dictlist return dictlist
# Every event has: # Every event has:
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