Commit 8be289c9 authored by Aaron R Poulter-martinez's avatar Aaron R Poulter-martinez
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edited parscript to list out all titles as text

parent 5679d9aa
......@@ -28,17 +28,25 @@ xmldoc = requests.get(""
#xmldoc = open("events.xml", "r") #Opens a local document. events.xml is a shortened version of the larger events doc
xmldoc = cleanup(xmldoc.text)
print xmldoc
#print xmldoc
soup = BeautifulSoup(xmldoc, "lxml") #creates soup of the xml
print soup.prettify(), "\n\n"
#print soup.prettify(), "\n\n"
#creates a list of all the entry tags from the xml
entries = soup.findAll('entry')
entries = soup.find_all('entry') #creates a list of all the entry tags from the xml
#print type(entries[0]), "\n" #prints the first entry
#print entries[0].prettify(), "\n" #prints the first entry out
#print entries[0].find('content').prettify(), "\n" #prints the first content tag in the first entry
#just to make sure things still work
#print entries[0].title.text
#for item in entries:
# print item.find('content').string, "\n\n"
#indexs an entry in the list of entries
for entry in entries:
#pulls up an entry in the list of entries, finds the title tag and text deletes all xml tags and returns just the text
title_text = entry.title.text
print title_text
\ No newline at end of file
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