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<h3>Get Plugged In</h3>
<p>An <a data-toggle="modal" href="#modal-api">API</a> is available to integrate Bootswatch with your app or platform.</p>
<p>An <a data-toggle="modal" href="#modal-api">API</a> is available for integrating your platform with Bootswatch.</p>
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<p>The following properties are available for each swatch: <code>name</code>, <code>description</code>, <code>preview</code>, <code>thumbnail</code>, <code>css</code>, and <code>css-min</code>.
<p>The swatches are housed in an array called <code>themes</code>, and each swatch has the following properties: <code>name</code>, <code>description</code>, <code>preview</code>, <code>thumbnail</code>, <code>css</code>, and <code>css-min</code>.
<p>CORS and JSONP are supported. Send your request to <code></code></p>
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