Commit 3312ab8a authored by Thomas Park's avatar Thomas Park
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journal: fix order of less variable assignments

parent 5366a662
......@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@
//** Hover color for dropdown links.
@dropdown-link-hover-color: #fff;
//** Hover background for dropdown links.
@dropdown-link-hover-bg: @dropdown-link-active-bg;
@dropdown-link-hover-bg: @component-active-bg;
//** Active dropdown menu item text color.
@dropdown-link-active-color: #fff;
......@@ -244,10 +244,10 @@
@dropdown-link-active-bg: @component-active-bg;
//** Disabled dropdown menu item background color.
@dropdown-link-disabled-color: @text-muted;
@dropdown-link-disabled-color: @gray-light;
//** Text color for headers within dropdown menus.
@dropdown-header-color: @text-muted;
@dropdown-header-color: @gray-light;
//** Deprecated `@dropdown-caret-color` as of v3.1.0
@dropdown-caret-color: #000;
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