Commit 3ab89837 authored by Thomas Park's avatar Thomas Park
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use travis to auto-deploy to npm

parent 8f56e187
branches: branches:
only: only:
- master - master
- gh-pages - gh-pages
language: node_js language: node_js
node_js: node_js:
- "0.10" - '0.10'
before_install: before_install:
- npm install -g grunt-cli recess bower - npm install -g grunt-cli recess bower
- bower install - bower install
script: grunt swatch
script: "grunt swatch"
git: git:
depth: 10 depth: 10
provider: npm
secure: E9dTc33u8aHCXG4qd8TrafOiAMzgEJYQUx/bnG2thb4cDD2U64LEdShjkXnjwr2K2RLNfQ4IQWHsDVAvyDK0f9kiud0swoG0SHTU9RDQ+NYFYODZe/c5qOlYqIHoJIpLV3lb7AHrzhrk+G1bkTn7pukB6/nEU0e+D3I7b3kbwEg=
tags: true
repo: thomaspark/bootswatch
branch: gh-pages
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