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Using gitlab-ci to build masonstrap on commit

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...@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ Session.vim ...@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ Session.vim
tags tags
masonstrap/*.css masonstrap/*.css
masonstrap/*.min.css masonstrap/*.min.css
.idea .idea
components components
node_modules node_modules
image: alpine:latest image: node:latest
pages: build:
stage: deploy stage: build
script: script:
- echo 'Nothing to do...' - yarn
- npm run build-masonstrap
artifacts: artifacts:
paths: paths:
- public - masonstrap/masonstrap.min.css
- master
...@@ -17,10 +17,10 @@ ...@@ -17,10 +17,10 @@
"stylelint-config-standard": "^17.0.0" "stylelint-config-standard": "^17.0.0"
}, },
"scripts": { "scripts": {
"sass-lint": "stylelint masonstrap/*.scss --syntax scss", "sass-lint": "stylelint ./masonstrap/*.scss --syntax scss",
"sass-compile": "sass masonstrap/masonstrap.scss build/masonstrap.css", "sass-compile": "sass ./masonstrap/masonstrap.scss ./masonstrap/masonstrap.css",
"sass-prefix": "npx postcss build/masonstrap.css --use autoprefixer -d build/", "sass-prefix": "npx postcss masonstrap/masonstrap.css --use autoprefixer -d ./masonstrap/",
"sass-minify": "cleancss --source-map --source-map-inline-sources -o build/masonstrap.min.css build/masonstrap.css", "sass-minify": "cleancss --source-map --source-map-inline-sources -o masonstrap/masonstrap.min.css masonstrap/masonstrap.css",
"build-masonstrap": "npm-run-all sass-lint sass-compile sass-prefix sass-minify" "build-masonstrap": "npm-run-all sass-lint sass-compile sass-prefix sass-minify"
} }
} }
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