Commit abb1db3e authored by Thomas Park's avatar Thomas Park
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swatchmaker: update make file to use recess instead of lessc

parent 8ffb4147
......@@ -5,10 +5,10 @@
OUTPUT_PATH = swatch
lessc swatchmaker.less > ${OUTPUT_PATH}/bootstrap.css
lessc --compress swatchmaker.less > ${OUTPUT_PATH}/bootstrap.min.css
lessc swatchmaker-responsive.less > ${OUTPUT_PATH}/bootstrap-responsive.css
lessc --compress swatchmaker-responsive.less > ${OUTPUT_PATH}/bootstrap-responsive.min.css
recess --compile swatchmaker.less > ${OUTPUT_PATH}/bootstrap.css
recess --compress swatchmaker.less > ${OUTPUT_PATH}/bootstrap.min.css
recess --compile swatchmaker-responsive.less > ${OUTPUT_PATH}/bootstrap-responsive.css
recess --compress swatchmaker-responsive.less > ${OUTPUT_PATH}/bootstrap-responsive.min.css
-test -d bootstrap && rm -r bootstrap
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