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# Masonstrap (GMU bootstrap theme)
A project of [GMU SRCT](
Masonstrap is a custom theme for bootstrap customized with GMU brand colors and elements.
It aims to easily provide any web project with Mason branding.
## Enabling Masonstrap for Your Project
All you need to do is to take _bootstrap.min.css_ and add it to the static files for your project.
Masonstrap bundles bootstrap 3.0 and normalize.css for you.
## Making Changes to Masonstrap
If you would like to make changes to values or behaviors in Masonstrap you will need to do some quick setup.
Ensure node.js is installed:
On Ubuntu: `$ sudo apt-get install npm`
On OS X, make sure you have [Homebrew]( then `$ brew install node`
On Windows, download it [here](
and in the root directory of this project (bootswatch/) run:
`$ npm install`
You will also need to have Grunt installed globally on your system:
`$ npm install -g grunt-cli`
Finally, run:
`$ grunt watch`
in order for Grunt to rebuild the bootstrap files.
After that, you are free to make whatever changes you like to _variables.less_ and _bootswatch.less_ and _bootstrap.min.css_ will be updated accordingly.
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