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more cleanup

- removing all that is necessary
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module.exports = {
use: [
map: false,
autoprefixer: {
browsers: [
// Official browser support policy:
'Chrome >= 35', // Exact version number here is kinda arbitrary
// Rather than using Autoprefixer's native "Firefox ESR" version specifier string,
// we deliberately hardcode the number. This is to avoid unwittingly severely breaking the previous ESR in the event that:
// (a) we happen to ship a new Bootstrap release soon after the release of a new ESR,
// such that folks haven't yet had a reasonable amount of time to upgrade; and
// (b) the new ESR has unprefixed CSS properties/values whose absence would severely break webpages
// (e.g. `box-sizing`, as opposed to `background: linear-gradient(...)`).
// Since they've been unprefixed, Autoprefixer will stop prefixing them,
// thus causing them to not work in the previous ESR (where the prefixes were required).
'Firefox >= 38', // Current Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR);
// Note: Edge versions in Autoprefixer & Can I Use refer to the EdgeHTML rendering engine version,
// NOT the Edge app version shown in Edge's "About" screen.
// For example, at the time of writing, Edge 20 on an up-to-date system uses EdgeHTML 12.
// See also
'Edge >= 12',
'Explorer >= 9',
// Out of leniency, we prefix these 1 version further back than the official policy.
'iOS >= 8',
'Safari >= 8',
// The following remain NOT officially supported, but we're lenient and include their prefixes to avoid severely breaking in them.
'Android 2.3',
'Android >= 4',
'Opera >= 12'
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