Quick Start

Using a theme is as easy as downloading a CSS file and replacing the one that comes with Bootstrap.


To modify a theme or create your own, follow the steps below in your terminal. You'll need to have Git and Node installed.

  1. git clone git@github.com:thomaspark/bootswatch.git

  2. npm install

  3. Edit variables.less and bootswatch.less in one of the theme directories, or create your own in /custom.

  4. Type grunt swatch:[theme] to build the CSS for a theme, e.g., grunt swatch:amelia for Amelia. Or type grunt swatch to build them all at once.

Here are additional tips for customizing Bootstrap.


Drag Bootswatchlet into your bookmarks bar, and use it on Bootstrap-based sites to see how they'd look with a theme.


You can use the API to integrate the themes with your platform. Send your request to:


This returns the version and a themes array with the following properties: name, description, preview, thumbnail, css, cssMin, cssCdn, less, and lessVariables.

Here's a demo with mustache.js templating.