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Added v2.5.6 to Changelog

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## v2.5.6
Released July 25, 2014
- `New` Choose if album should be listed public (#177)
- `New` Gulp instead of Grunt with autoprefixer
- `Improved` Slightly better performance when opening big albums
- `Improved` Checksum with sha1 instead of md5 (#179)
- `Fixed` Missing public badge on public albums
- `Fixed` Wrong path for public photos in view.php
- `Fixed` Wrong link to thumbs when searching
- `Fixed` Wrong date in album view when takestamp was null
- `Fixed` It wasn't possible to rename albums while searching
- `Fixed` It was possible to right-click on SmartAlbums after searching
## v2.5.5
Released July 5, 2014
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