Commit caa59c72 authored by Tobias Reich's avatar Tobias Reich
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Fixed "If EXIF data is missing, don't show them in the info #194"

parent 55295fe4
......@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ build = {
["Tags", build.tags(photoJSON.tags, forView)]
if ((photoJSON.takestamp+photoJSON.make+photoJSON.model+photoJSON.shutter+photoJSON.aperture+photoJSON.focal+photoJSON.iso)!=="null") {
if ((photoJSON.takestamp+photoJSON.make+photoJSON.model+photoJSON.shutter+photoJSON.aperture+photoJSON.focal+photoJSON.iso)!="0") {
infos = infos.concat([
["", "Camera"],
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This diff is collapsed.
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