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added two sample emails for when students have been flagged and for all at the end of semesters

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Dear George,
A number of other students who say they live on your same floor aren't sure if you're
in the right place.
When you get the chance, can you sign in and verify your housing location on We want to make sure everyone's privacy is respected.
Thank you,
The Roomlist Team
Dear George,
Well, school year's winding to a close. We hope that you've had a intellectually
stimulating and personally fulfilling experience over this past spring and fall here
at Mason.
We're going to clear out everyone's room at the end of the semester, and just
wanted to give you a heads up.
If you know that you'll be graduating or transferring, you can delete your
account at
Thank you, and good luck on your final exams,
The Roomlist Team
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