Commit 48c53e83 authored by Daniel W Bond's avatar Daniel W Bond
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corrected variable names, fixed set interactions on major page

parent 44ce62e2
......@@ -553,12 +553,17 @@ class DetailMajor(LoginRequiredMixin, DetailView):
for room in rooms
])), key=attrgetter('user.username'))
# see what students are left over (aren't visible)
hidden = Student.objects.filter(major=self.get_object()).order_by('user__username')
for visible in neighbourhoods.values():
hidden -= set(visible)
# print(visible_by_neighbourhood)
for neighbourhood, visible in neighbourhoods.items():
# see what students are left over (aren't visible)
hidden = set(Student.objects.filter(major=self.get_object()).order_by('user__username'))
# print(hidden)
for visible in visible_by_neighbourhood.values():
# print('visible', visible)
hidden = hidden.difference(set(visible))
# print(hidden)
for neighbourhood, visible in visible_by_neighbourhood.iteritems():
context['%s_location_visible' % neighbourhood] = visible
context['location_hidden'] = hidden
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