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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ There are many things that can be done with this project (see the "To Do" sectio
If you need help at all please contact a SRCT member. We want people to contribute, so if you are struggling, or just want to learn we are more than willing to help.
The project lead for this project is **PERSON**. *PERSON'S EMAIL ADDRESS*
The project lead for this project is [Jason Yeomans](
Please visit the [SRCT Wiki]( for more information on this and other SRCT projects, along with other helpful links and tutorials.
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ To get started, you'll need the following installed:
* [Git](
* Python
* Django 1.7
* Postgres
* PostgreSQL
* Psycopg2
* Other language or framework-specific items
......@@ -34,6 +34,23 @@ Open a terminal window and type in the following commands. (If you're on Windows
``cd roomlist/``
``A Django project, for example, would include setting up virtual environment, installing from requirements file, setting up south, syncing the database, and runserver``
To set up the PostgreSQL database, open a terminal and type in the following commands:
``First, we must install some dependencies for PostgreSQL.``
``$ sudo apt-get install libpq-dev python-dev``
``Next, we need to install PostgreSQL.``
``$ sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib``
``Now, we need to become the postgres user, create our database, and create our user.``
``$ sudo su - postgres``
``$ createdb roomlist``
``$ createuser -P``
``Now follow the prompts, the username should be "django" (without the qoutes) and the password should be "H0jrp0llTJ" (without the qoutes). Next enter 'n' and press "Enter" for the following three promts.``
``Finally, we need to enter the PostgreSQL command line interface to grant permissions.``
``$ psql``
``postgres=# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE roomlist TO django;``
Your PostgreSQL database should now be set up to work with the Roomlist project.
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