Commit a0398989 authored by Jason D Yeomans's avatar Jason D Yeomans
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remove function views from housing

parent 65ed4e15
......@@ -33,58 +33,3 @@ class DetailRoom(LoginRequiredMixin, ListView):
class DetailStudent(LoginRequiredMixin, DetailStudent):
model = Student
login_url = '/'
def index(request):
template = loader.get_template('index.html')
context = RequestContext(request, {
return HttpResponse(template.render(context))
def buildings(request):
building_list = Building.objects.order_by('name')[:5]
template = loader.get_template('buildings.html')
context = RequestContext(request, {
'building_list' : building_list,
return HttpResponse(template.render(context))
def building(request, buildingName):
building = Building.objects.get(name__iexact=''+buildingName)
room_list = Room.objects.filter(building__name='''number')
template = loader.get_template('building.html')
context = RequestContext(request, {
'building' : building,
'room_list' : room_list,
return HttpResponse(template.render(context))
def login(request):
# if this is a POST request we need to process the form data
if request.method == 'POST':
# create a form instance and populate it with data from the request:
# check whether it's valid:
username = request.POST['username']
password = request.POST['password']
user = authenticate(username=username, password=password)
if user is not None:
# the password verified for the user
if user.is_active:
print("User is valid, active and authenticated")
print("The password is valid, but the account has been disabled!")
# the authentication system was unable to verify the username and password
print("The username and password were incorrect.")
return HttpResponseRedirect('/')
# if a GET (or any other method) we'll create a blank form
form = AuthenticationForm()
template = loader.get_template('login.html')
context = RequestContext(request, {
'form' : form,
return HttpResponse(template.render(context))
def logout_view(request):
return HttpResponseRedirect('/')
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