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relying more heavily on django's built-in cleaning; fixes the error where you...

relying more heavily on django's built-in cleaning; fixes the error where you aren't able to clear out your graduation year
parent 552c5ff2
......@@ -183,19 +183,15 @@ class UpdateStudent(LoginRequiredMixin, FormValidMessageMixin, FormView):
if me.recent_changes() > 2:
form_room = current_room
form_room = Room.objects.get(['room'])
form_room = None
# casts to an integer, 0 or 1
on_campus = strtobool('on_campus', 'True'))
form_room = form.cleaned_data.get('room')
# no room if you move off campus
on_campus = form.cleaned_data.get('on_campus')
if not on_campus:
form_room = None
# note this is after the 'on campus' check
# remove any flags you've received
if current_room != form_room:
me.times_changed_room += 1
......@@ -208,7 +204,7 @@ class UpdateStudent(LoginRequiredMixin, FormValidMessageMixin, FormView):
if not(me.on_campus):
me.privacy = 'students'
me.privacy =['privacy']
me.privacy = form.cleaned_data.get('privacy')
# if you are an RA or an RD, you live on campus
if me.is_staff():
......@@ -217,11 +213,10 @@ class UpdateStudent(LoginRequiredMixin, FormValidMessageMixin, FormView):
# in case someone disabled the js, limit processing to only the first
# two majors passed by the user
# we also eliminate the potential a student manipulates the form to
# pass in two majors of the same type by casting to a set
form_major_pks = set('major')[:2])
# retrieve the major objects from the list of pk strings
form_majors = [Major.objects.get(pk=pk) for pk in form_major_pks]
form_majors = set(form.cleaned_data.get('major')[:2])
# print(form_majors)
# iterate over a student's current majors
for current_major in me.major.all():
......@@ -235,15 +230,15 @@ class UpdateStudent(LoginRequiredMixin, FormValidMessageMixin, FormView):
# don't change majors
# if someone is selecting a major pk that does not exist, don't do anything
# replicate the same thing for the other m2m field
form_blocked_pks = set('blocked_kids'))
form_blocked = set(form.cleaned_data.get('blocked_kids'))
current_blocked = me.blocked_kids.all()
# most people will not being blocking other students
if form_blocked_pks or current_blocked:
form_blocked = [Student.objects.get(pk=pk) for pk in form_blocked_pks]
if form_blocked or current_blocked:
for current_block in current_blocked:
if current_block not in form_blocked:
......@@ -253,11 +248,14 @@ class UpdateStudent(LoginRequiredMixin, FormValidMessageMixin, FormView):
me.user.first_name = no_nums(['first_name'])
me.user.last_name = no_nums(['last_name'])
me.gender ='gender')
me.show_gender = strtobool('show_gender', 'False'))
me.graduating_year =['graduating_year']
# silently remove numbers from names
me.user.first_name = no_nums(form.cleaned_data.get('first_name'))
me.user.last_name = no_nums(form.cleaned_data.get('last_name'))
me.gender = form.cleaned_data.get('gender')
me.show_gender = form.cleaned_data.get('show_gender')
me.graduating_year = form.cleaned_data.get('graduating_year')
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