Commit c64dfa19 authored by Jason D Yeomans's avatar Jason D Yeomans
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api improvements

parent 8cca4d48
......@@ -39,9 +39,9 @@ def room(request, building, room_number):
jsons = "This room does not exist or has not been created"
if room_obj:
jsons = '{"building":"'+building+'","number":"'+room_number+'","residents":['
jsons = '{"building":"'+building+'","number":'+room_number+','
for p in room_obj:
jsons += '"floor":'+p.floor.__str__()+',"bedA":"'+p.bedA.__str__()+'"'
jsons += '"floor":'+p.floor.__str__()+',"residents":["bedA":"'+p.bedA.__str__()+'"'
if p.bedB.__str__() is not '':
jsons += ',"bedB":"'+p.bedB.__str__()+'"'
if p.bedC.__str__() is not '':
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