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About Roomlist

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What is Roomlist?

Roomlist is a privacy-focused software tool to allow Mason students to safely and securely share their housing information, aiding the educational development of resident communities.

Students can choose to share their housing information with other students on their floor, in their building, or across campus, and link to their social media accounts.

Who uses Roomlist?

Roomlist is available only to current students and faculty at George Mason University with full active user accounts. Users must log in with their Mason credentials.

This exclusivity provides an easy, safe, closed community within which students can elect to internally share their housing information.

Who is Mason SRCT?

Members of the Student-Run Computing and Technology registered student organization at George Mason University are the clever, talented student developers behind Roomlist.

We are a group of creative people that like making software and want to give back to the Mason community at the same time.

Contact us to get involved!

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