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Who can see my information?

Roomlist was designed with student privacy foremost in mind. First, all information is accessible only to users with full GMU credentials. When your account is created, you have the option to make your housing information viewable to your floor (the default choice), your entire building, or campus-wide. When you choose to make your housing information viewable campus-wide, it is also viewable to non-resident students.

Your profile information is as provided through the university, and we are unable to make any change to your name, major, or email except as changed by the university.

What data do we collect?

We permanently retain anonymzied basic log information on your use of this website via Piwik analytics. Piwik is self-hosted and open source, so your information will not be sold or otherwise transferred to any other third part, nor will your information be otherwise divulged, except by request of the university of by lawful court order (an "order"). Ever.

Housing information you choose to provide, along with optional social media account information will be retained until you modify or remove that information, or your account is deleted.

Nothing in this privacy policy should be contrued to limit any legal defense or object to an order to disclose your information.

Why do we collect data?

Knowing how many users a service has and how often it gets used tells us how popular that service is.

If a service is getting a lot of use, we will try to provide more support and focus our attention on that service. Our user of your information, both anonymized log data and the information you choose to upload to the site is limited to improving your experience. Site administrators may occasionally view some user data in their efforts to maintain and improve the site.

The code for this site is publicly available at our git repository, and you are encouraged to exercise your basic computing freedoms.

Can I opt out?

You may opt out (or in) of all future analytics. (Note: some sites won't give you this option, but you can block their trackers.)

Any interaction you make with this site can be removed at your discretion. Please see your account settings page to limit your visibility to other students, remove social media links, or delete your account in its entirety. Should you delete your account, existing content flags or other issues made to administrators will not be deleted.

Your information may be removed if it is in violation of GMU's responsible use of computing policy, SRCT terms of service, or other order, or upon graduation or other termination of relationship with the university and the cesseation of your full access GMU account.

Other information

Should any portion of this privacy policy be deemed invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, all other terms of the policy will nevertheless remain in full force and effect. Because our service requires GMU user account authentication, we do not by design allow minors under the age of 13 to use services. Our services are housed in Fairfax, Virginia, United States an are subject to law within its jurisdiction. We may revice this policy; when we make, at our discretion, a significant change, we will display a prominent link to the change on the front page of the site. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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