Commit 450a77b7 authored by David Haynes's avatar David Haynes 🙆
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Ok it's more tolerable I can live now

parent 11b0ef51
......@@ -38,15 +38,15 @@ class ScheduleBadge extends React.Component<ScheduleBadgeProps, State> {
<Collapse isOpen={this.state.collapse}>
<Card shadow>
<CardTitle className="mt-3">
<Row className="justify-content-center">
<Button size="sm" outline color="danger" className="ml-5" onClick={this.toggle}>
<Button size="sm" outline color="danger" onClick={this.toggle}>
<h1 className="pl-5">Your Schedule</h1>
<Button size="sm" outline color="primary" className="mr-5">
Generate Schedule
<h1 className="px-3">Your Schedule</h1>
<Button size="sm" outline color="primary">
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