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Init new blank site

parent 262298fe
# You don't need to edit this file, it's empty on purpose.
# Edit theme's home layout instead if you wanna make some changes
# See:
layout: home
from website import website
if __name__ == '__main__': ## This is for debugging use only.
## This is for execution via gunicorn.
# gunicorn command
# gunicorn srctweb:website -b
from flask import Flask
from flask.ext.gravatar import Gravatar
website = Flask(__name__)
from website import views
# initialize gravatar defaults
gravatar = Gravatar(website,
size = 80,
from flask import render_template
from website import website
def index():
return render_template("index.html",
renderHead = False,
def calendar():
return render_template("calendar.html",
renderHead = True,
def contact():
return render_template("contact.html",
renderHead = True,
def documents():
return render_template("documents.html",
renderHead = True,
def people():
return render_template("people.html",
renderHead = True,
def projects():
return render_template("projects.html",
renderHead = True,
def optOut():
return render_template("privacy_opt_out.html",
def constitution():
return render_template("documents/constitution.html",
renderHead = True,
def intellectualProperty():
return render_template("documents/intellectual_property.html",
renderHead = True,
def logos():
return render_template("documents/logos.html",
renderHead = True,
def privacyPolicy():
return render_template("documents/privacy_policy.html",
renderHead = True,
def softwareFreedom():
return render_template("documents/software_freedom.html",
renderHead = True,
def termsOfService():
return render_template("documents/terms_of_service.html",
renderHead = True,
def usagePolicy():
return render_template("documents/usage_policy.html",
renderHead = True,
# 404 error
def page_not_found(error):
return render_template("404.html"), 404
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