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<legend><strong>Git</strong> | </legend>
<p>GitLab is a central host for Git repositories. It's like GitHub, but
operated by Mason for Mason. Any student or member of the community may
log into it with their Mason NetID. Users may upload code either for
private work or public viewing, and may allow others to contribute to their
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<legend><strong>Whatsopen</strong> |</legend>
<p> Provide a list of all currently open dining options in/around campus,
kept updated with holidays, etc. Expanding to cover more than dining locations.</p>
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<legend><strong>Go</strong> |</legend>
<p>Providing URL shortening would enhance branding when used by
organizations in ULife and elsewhere. For example, all shortened links to a website would appear as instead of</p>
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<legend><strong>Bookshare</strong> |</legend>
<p>Bookshare is a platform for textbook transactions, with books searchable
by Name, Author, ISBN, and Class.</p>
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<legend><strong>Advisor</strong> |</legend>
<p> Advisor is an automatic academic advising system. The goal is to allow
students to enter their academic history in a standard form and receive an
interactive list of coursework they are required to complete for graduation,
as well as possible electives and prerequisite trees. This would not serve
as a replacement for in-person academic advisor meetings.</p>
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<legend><strong>Mirrors</strong> |</legend>
<p>The org would integrate and expand, which currently
hosts a local mirror of open source software. Such software mirrors are
currently operated by Virginia Tech, MIT, RIT, University of Nebraska,
Georgia Tech, Wheaton College, University of Calgary, and other
institutions. This would be coordinated with VSE Computing Resources.</p>
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<legend><strong>Etherpad</strong> |</legend>
<p>Etherpad is a realtime collaboration tool recently acquired by Google
( The tool is open source, and is used at schools
like MIT, MSU, RIT, and UCLA. This tool would allow members of the Mason
community to easily edit documents with their peers, similar to Google Docs.</p>
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<legend><strong>Maps</strong> |</legend>
<p>An online mapping utility for navigation inside buildings on campus. The
university has numerous mapping resources available for students to locate
buildings, but none for locating specific rooms and classrooms.</p>
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<legend><strong>People</strong> |</legend>
<p>Want to find out about (currency exchanges | Australian wildlife |
software usability | The Second Opium War)? People will build on the
functionality in by allowing students to search for
professors by background and expertise, collecting their bios and research
currently spread across School and College webpages.</p>
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<legend><strong>PGP</strong> |</legend>
<p>Student organization would manage a GMU public key server. This would
start as a proof of concept, but would allow for future exploration to
deploy a public key infrastructure for encrypted email or digital signatures
for general institutional purposes.</p>
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<legend><strong>Toolbox</strong> |</legend>
<p>Toolbox will provide several services to GMU SRCT for managing various
systems and services.</p>
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