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......@@ -48,14 +48,12 @@ SRCT
<p><strong>S</strong>tudent-<strong>R</strong>un <strong>C</strong>omputing and
<strong>T</strong>echnology (SRCT, pronounced "<em>circuit</em>") is a student
organization at <a href="">George Mason University</a> which
enhances student computing at our school by establishing and maintaining systems
enhances student computing at our school by developing and maintaining systems
that provide specific services for Mason's community.</p>
<p>We were founded in 2011 to be a place where students could work together,
share their knowledge, and build really neat projects for the benefit of everyone
at Mason. See some of the ways we've improved life on campus on the <a href="{{ url_for('projects') }}">projects page</a>.</p>
<p>This is a link to the <a href="{{ url_for('calendar') }}">calendar page</a>.</p>
<legend><strong>Getting Involved</strong></legend>
<p>To learn more about SRCT, check out our
<a href="{{ url_for('projects') }}">projects</a>, active, under development, or proposed, or talk to one of the
......@@ -67,11 +65,11 @@ our student git repository.</p>
numerous events each semester, from traveling to hackathons and conferences to
doing local outreach, holding large programming events, and hosting speakers.</p>
<p>We're on <a href="">Facebook</a> and
<a href="">Twitter</a>, and have
<a href="">Twitter</a>, have
<a href="">active mailing lists</a>
and an <a href="">IRC</a>
channel on <a href="">freenode</a>, #srct. More ways to
contact us are on our <a href="{{ url_for('contact') }}">contact page</a>.</p>
get in touch are on our <a href="{{ url_for('contact') }}">contact page</a>.</p>
<legend><strong>Next Meeting</strong></legend>
<p>Our next meeting is scheduled for <em>TBA</em>. For more information, check
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