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First pass on modular projects page

- load in data from JSON
- each subdivision loops through all projects and pastes them in
parent ec0479f5
"name": "Go",
"current_release": "Go 2.2 - Bloomin' Onion Edition",
"current_release_url": "",
"next_release": "Go 2.3 - Smash Mouth & Fake News Edition",
"next_release_url": "",
"status": "active",
"repo_url": "",
"fa_icon": "fa-link",
"project_manager": "David Haynes",
"deployed_url": "",
"issues_url": "",
"docs_url": "",
"blurb": "Providing URL shortening would enhance branding when used by organizations in ULife and elsewhere. For example, all shortened links to a website would appear as instead of"
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