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<h1>Mason SRCT</h1>
<h1><strong>Mason SRCT</strong></h1>
<p class="lead">Student-Run Computing and Technology</p>
Student-Run Computing and Technology (SRCT, pronounced "circuit") is a student
<p>Student-Run Computing and Technology (SRCT, pronounced "circuit") is a student
organization at George Mason University which enhances student computing at
Mason. We establish and maintain systems which provide specific services for
Mason's community.
Mason's community.</p>
<legend><strong>Getting Involved</strong></legend>
<p>We're listed on Facebook, and have active mailing lists. To learn more about
SRCT, check out the active projects or talk to one of the members! Technical
documentation is available on our wiki.</p>
<p>Next meeting is scheduled for TBA. For more information, check out our
Facebook page and our calendar of events.</p>
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