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Learn the tools and culture of open source development, meet great people, and help impact real projects during this all-day immersion workshop. No prior experience is needed for participation in this event: students of all levels of technical skill and from all majors are welcomed. (Not all contributions come in the form of code. It can be artwork, documenation and copy, translations, and more!) And yes, all meals and snacks are provided.
Open Source Day at Mason 2017 is organized by Mason student organization Student-Run Computing and Technology, with financial support from the George Mason Department of Computer Science.
The three years past we've held this event in co-ordination with the Boston-based nonprofit Openhatch through their
Open Source Comes to Campus initiative. Because that organization is now in the process of winding down its operations, this year we are incredibly excited to be teaching our own curriculum we've developed.
Participants will work in small groups with both outside open source professionals and trained student mentors to cover the practical skills needed to contribute to open source projects. They'll also hear talks by Mason faculty on open source history, and its use in academia as well as a discussion by a panel of open source contributors in industry.
Making open source more welcoming to newcomers and more diverse are mutually reinforcing goals, and we're committed to building as broad a group of contributors and greater community as we can. We hope you'll join us encouraging participation by women, minorities, and other members of groups generally underrepresented in tech.
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